Joomla Training – How to use Joomla effectively

To use Joomla effectively, you can make use of Joomla training courses and classes to get the best out of this transitional software. If you’re a beginner at the daunting world of website design, you’ll find that Joomla training gives you that edge you need to boost your web pages to the next level.

Joomla and Joomla training origin

Joomla, a software that assists and manages your website data, is based on MySQL and PHP. This revolutionary software was created in 2005 and currently has over 200 000 users, proving its helpfulness.

To use Joomla, all you need to do is download the free software and customise it to suit your needs. You can also use its free interface to manage add-ons, templates and extensions.

Joomla, being one of three mail CMS’s, which include Drupal and WordPress, is highly popular when it comes to website designing. Therefore you have a choice of which software better suits your needs.

Using Joomla to create content

Ever wonder how it’s possible to create tabs on a website? Have you ever thought how it’s possible to create website tabs that are divided into sub-sections? It’s like like keeping files in a cabinet and every file has different sub-folders. Keeping your content tidy and in order is now much easier than before.

A good example would be to create an “about my company” tab with a pull-down menu containing sub-sections such as “company locations” and “get to know the staff.”

In short, the “about my company” will be your main section and the “company locations” will be your category. That way, you’ll know which part should be inserted at what point if you add content to these sections and categories. With the help of Joomla training, you’ll be able to create awesome content for both your sections and categories.

Creating your website sections

When making use of Joomla, it is relatively easy to create different sections for your website. All you need to do it go to the content button and scroll to sections. Then you click on “new” and start adding content where you see fit. With a Joomla training class, you’ll have the ability to create professional content with the help of a few ad-ons.

Creating your website categories

Working the same as your sections, creating categories is easy and will help with the efficient functioning of your website. You need to remember that when doing this, you need a section first before you can choose a category. Selecting a category to accompany your section will need to fit into the message you’re trying to convey with that specific section.

Using Joomla training to manage plugins

Plugins are software that makes your website stand out from the rest. By installing a specific plugin, you can change the way your content reacts and looks. Sharing your content is easy when readers have social media buttons to click on – those added by your website plugins. If you write an article on your website, you can choose to add that plugin. This plugin will create social media icons that can be clicked on in order to share the article – the easy way.

Other plugins include SEO packs, translation plugins as well as appearance plugins. Whatever you choose to do, plugins with Joomla can make your website spectacular.

Therefore, Joomla training is a course you need to add to your website checklist if you want to become an expert at running a successful business.

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