Jquery – your number one JavaScript library

jQuery may seem like an extremely difficult website framework and with a jQuery training course, you’ll be able to learn website coding with ease. This system is a JavaScript framework, making it easy to use Javascript on your web pages.

JavaScript often requires complex coding that only an advanced IT professional would understand. The mission of this innovative system is to break down the coding to just a single line. Luckily, a lot of complicated features of JavaScript is simplified.  However, this includes AJAX calls as well as DOM manipulation.

What makes iQuery unique?

jQuery is a plugin used with JavaScript that it works for almost any type of coding needed for a website task.  Combined, these two systems give you that edge you need without having to undergo extensive training.

What makes jQuery a fantastic code writer is the fact that you can use it even when using Windows Notepad.  As with this system, HTML, CSS and JavaScript can also be used with the simplest forms of writing applications. That being said, the difference is this innovative coding makes it easy to write the code you need in order to get good results.

Why would you need jQuery?

This system, with the help of only a little training, can assist you with writing code that is easy to use and understand while a developer will use this system to achieve optimum productivity. If you’re not a developer, you can easily learn simple codes by making use of the jQuery functions.

How will this code writer help me?

When building a website, jQuery will help you improve the overall performance of your website. Other advantages of this system include:

  • The ability to create browser compatible web pages.
  • A fresh approach to writing functional UI codes without having to write many lines of code.
  • The knowledge to simplify syntaxes that otherwise will be very complex to use.
  • Complex codes are turned into easy-to-write ones that distribute the same level of functionality.

Giving a visual to the system

This code writing library consists of a single JavaScript file and can be downloaded and referenced to look like this:

<script src="jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script>

jQuery system selectors

The main reason you would want to use this type of system is to alter or modify any type of content displayed on your web page. However, to start altering a certain section of content, you need to find the element of the content in order to later it. Finding the content can be extremely difficult when using only JavaScript but with jQuery added, it’s easier.

This system can find elements by decrypting certain content ID’s attributes and classes. In addition to that, it seems nearly impossible for the average person to selectively identify such elements thus the need for a powerful selector system.

With that in mind, a simple example would be to use the system to retrieve the content selection for you. With that, you can start altering the code. To retrieve the query, you simply need to type the shortcode for jQuery which is $, followed by your query.

It would look like this:

$(<query here>)

The system with return your query with the content selection you asked for, without you having to search your entire site to find it. With the code at hand, you are now able to start changing and altering the code.

That being said, here is where you will need a jQuery training course to assist you with the best way to write codes in addition to your basic JavaScript knowledge.

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