Cyber security training – stay safe where it matters most

cyber security

Investing in a cyber security training course should be your first choice when it comes to protecting your data. Keeping that in mind, cyber security is defined as the technology used to protect sensitive data online. These technologies combine a variety of strategies and programs. Moreover, we use these programs to protect digital devices and programs from cyber attacks. Thus, cyber attacks can take place in the form of unauthorised access or the placement of a virus.

Why you need to take a cyber security training course


Institutions such as the military, government, corporate and financial companies use cyber security to protect confidential data. The data can either be stored online or on a computer’s hard drive. Furthermore, sensitive data can include financial records and personal data. This data shouldn’t get into the wrong hands, thus it’s necessary to protect what you can. Should this data be hacked or used without authorization, a number of issues can arise. In the case of a military cyber attack, missiles and security codes can be breached.

While it’s getting increasingly easier for one to hack a system, cyber security needs to be able to protect every time.  It’s a known fact that many cyber wars will happen in the near future. That said,  you need to protect your data by taking a cyber security training course.

What you need to protect

As an organisation has a number of files used, it’s important to ensure all areas are safe. Thus, these areas include:

  • Cloud security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Database security
  • Mobile safety
  • Identity protection
  • User education
  • Online security
  • App security

A lot of technologies and software is already developed to help overcome the continuous cyber attacks. However, with each software developed, a loophole opens up. Thus, protection software creates the need for cyber professionals to be smarter than the hacker himself. Thre is speculation that cyber attackers are sometimes used to test protection prototypes. This is an entirely new approach to the situation of cyber security.

How to manage your security system

General rules like password safety is a good way of protecting yourself against cyber attacks. However, a company in its whole needs to take it to the next level. Keeping that in mind, the data stored on company systems contain endless amounts of sensitive data.

Many people think that cyber attacks take place through various organisations. As a matter of fact, a cyber attack is usually conducted by one single individual. Educating your employees about cyber security will help them better understand internet safety. Furthermore, investing in a cyber security training course should be your first action point.

Your second action point should be to make sure your system is strong enough to hold attacks at bay. Moreover, IT professionals should be able to help you by giving you tools to protect data to a great extent. The system you use must undergo tests on a regular basis to ensure all components are functioning correctly. If an issue arises, it needs attention immediately. Thus a cyber attacker will get leverage to corrupt the data he needs in order to gain access to your files.

It does not matter if you’re an individual, institution or company. Cyber attacks are on the rise and the only way to fight them is having a protection system on your side.


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Webinar training – creating the perfect webinar

webinar training

Hosting a webinar with the appropriate webinar training is the best way to keep your business thriving. A webinar is a seminar that is hosted online through the internet. What makes a webinar unique is the fact that people from all over the globe can participate in the seminar. There is no need to travel to a specified location as webinars bridge the gap between travelling and office space needed for the seminar.

To host a successful webinar that covers training or discussions about a subject, you would need to take a webinar training course. Although not necessary, this can only help you open new doors to your webinar needs.

Benefits of taking a webinar training course

A webinar is formulated to gather a group of people together to discuss a certain matter. This is done through means of an internet connection and meeting platform. Having a webinar training course to assist you with the more complex features of the meeting will benefit you and those in the meeting. Complex features include the live recording of the seminar to be available for download. It also includes the ability to comment on a certain point being discussed. Have a look at these benefits of webinar hosting while brainstorming your webinar:

Creating your own brand

By hosting a webinar, you can reach more potential clients as you can host it remotely. You can announce relevant information about your business that will help you build your brand to a trusted name.

Giving a visual to your vision

Like a seminar, you are able to create a visual creation of your product or service. Keeping that in mind, you can now reach more clients across the globe and they will share the visual you have of your brand. A webinar can also include graphs and other features to impress the people needed to give your business a boost.

Targeting the right market

A webinar enables you to target a specified market. Thus, those who are truly interested in what you have to offer will attend the meeting as they would want to know more about your services. This, in turn, leads to respectable clients and potential life-changing leads to put your business on the map.

Webinars for education

When a person buys one of your products, you shouldn’t send them along and forget about them forever. To show your appreciation of them trusting your brand, you need to engage with them even after their purchase is complete. Inviting them to a webinar to give them additional information about the product will make them trust your brand even more. You can also use these webinars to find out how your product helps others. Another way is to find out how you can improve your products to gain more trust.

Saving more money for your business

Hosting a webinar costs much less than a seminar would. A seminar involves physical rental space, large portraits and snacks. With a webinar, individuals can, in the comfort of their own home, participate in the meeting without having to travel or move from their home.

Webinar training gives you the ability to move your business forward. Thus, what better reason than to sign up for a course that might change the way you do business meetings and seminars in the future?

Internet marketing training – products and services that sell

internet marketing training

Internet marketing training can also be referred to as e-marketing or online marketing. To market your services or products online on the web, you need to invest in a training course. This training course with help you to gain knowledge about how internet marketing really works. You can also use these courses to stay on top of the marketing game – a great additive to your business.

Internet marketing training with SEO and SEM


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a very important strategy to use when diving into the online marketing world. SEO is the process where search engines look for specific results in content. These results are used to rank a web page on a search engine page. These search results are known as organic searches and are not paid. Using SEO to optimise your content give your content a breath of fresh air, thus making it rank higher on search engines.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a type of online marketing that increases the visibility of pages on the internet. This can be done through paid advertising and SERPs. SEM uses advertising such as Pay Per Click, Google AdWords as well as SEO.  When you use this form of marketing, an individual see advertisements with content related to your business products of services. With internet marketing training, you’ll be able to use both SEO and SEM to market your business.

Using social media to market your business

Social media has a huge impact on the way business is done and with a little internet marketing training, you’ll be able to create content to amaze on social media. With your content such as articles, promotions and events at hand, you are able to there it on social media pages to target a large group of people. Social media marketing, a form of online marketing, includes Facebook shares, Twitter retweets as well as Pinterest repins.

Paid advertising for your business

Paid advertising is a give-or-take way of marketing your business. This involves a number of strategies, campaigns and paid results, giving you a better marketing tool to use for your business. These paid advertising methods include:

Pay Per Click – PPC is a way to direct more traffic to your business website. When a specific ad is clicked, advertisers pay the related website. This is a relatively easy concept to use when marketing your business.

Google AdWords – This type of marketing involves a business having advertisements on Google and other advert networks. By using AdWords, you can set a budget for all your advertising needs. When people click on your ad, you pay the ad fees and will not have added monthly fees. It can become a complex feature if you add analytics and tactics, therefore an internet marketing training course will benefit your business.

Other forms of online marketing

With the web being the main source of information, you can use this to the advantage of your business. Creating content such as videos, podcasts, eBooks and newsletters are a great form of marketing your business online. The above-mentioned marketing methods are known as inbound marketing. It will benefit you if you already have a set target group to share your content with.

However you choose to market your business, an internet marketing training course will help you get better results.


Digital training – know how to use technology

digital training

Digital training or e-learning is the ability to undergo classes and courses on any digital device. This type of learning takes gaining knowledge to an entirely new level. Where once you had to sit in a classroom, you are now able to get sufficient training. Better yet, you can get training in the comfort of your own home.

How do get access to digital training

Digital training or e-learning takes place on any digital device that can store and process data. These devices include the internet, social media and cloud computing. Other devices include games and applications as well as mobile devices. If you have one of these devices it is easy to access the digital way of learning.

With digital training, you are able to access a wide variety of spectrums. With traditional learning, this would not be possible. These spectrums include:

  • Virtual learning with comfort
  • Learning through mediums such as game strategies
  • Communicating with a global network about the same subject
  • Online reporting

Different types of digital learning

Each individual has his or her own way of studying, thus a number of ways are created for you to take training to the next level.

Demand training

With demand training, the entire classroom experience is created in the form of streaming digital format. Therefore, you are able to view the content when it suits you and train according to your set pace. You can also access this content from any device while being able to pause, play and rewind.

Virtual training

This type of training involves the live delivery of lab content with assistance in different languages. You can also have access to the content in whatever time zone you may be.

Self-study training

With self-study methods, you are able to download the training content onto your tech device. You can view this content at your convenience and learn whenever you see fit.

Benefits of digital training

Digital training offers you a number of benefits that simplify learning. Thus, these benefits include:

  • With digital training, it’s easy to create content, ideas and strategies in a short period of time.
  • A consistent stream of training content is made available to a targeted audience.
  • The ability to focus on a certain aspect of training enables a greatly centred form of education. Keeping that in mind; should new information about a certain subject become available, the training material can be updated accordingly.
  • Making use of e-learning saves you a huge deal of time and money. While learning from home, you reduce travelling time. You also eliminate office space that needs to be rented.
  • When it’s time to deliver completed assignments, you can deliver the content digitally. This enables you to keep track of all assignments and point allocation.
  • An environmentally friendly benefit of e-learning is that the need for printing is eliminated. Keeping that in mind,  all educational communication and testing take place online while the carbon footprint is lowered.
  • The most important benefit of e-learning is the fact that individuals can learn at their own pace. On-site training can now be accompanied by remote training. Thus, this makes it easy for individuals to get training without having to travel to a certain location.

    Finding an e-learning or digital training method that suits you will enable you to gain the knowledge needed to excel in life.

Corporate social media training – Make your business bloom

corporate social media training

Corporate social media training involves the learning of individuals to manage all aspects of social media relating to the business. While it may be easy to upload content to social media, a lot more needs to be done in order to advance to the social media way of marketing. Creating content relevant to what the business offers is one of the top ways to make social media work for your business. Another way is to build campaigns to give potential clients a reason to use your products or services.

Strategies used in corporate social media training 

When identifying and distributing corporate social media training, you need to find strategies that enable effective marketing. Here are some strategies you need to look at:

Knowing what your business goals are

Before setting your sights on social media marketing, you need to know what your goals are. Without stipulating goals, you won’t be able to move in the right direction.

If your goals are similar to increasing brand awareness and reducing marketing costs, you are on the right track already. Providing your business with the correct corporate social media training will ensure they reach these goals easier.

Managing objectives when starting corporate social media training

Should you want to increase your sales, you need to determine the amount you want to increase it by. In order to make your objectives a success, you need to ensure your goals are specific and achievable.

You also need to determine when you will be able to achieve this objective. Setting goals and objectives that can be reached within a certain time is great. These goals need to have profitable outcome. If you’re able to ensure this you have the first aspect of corporate social media under your belt.


Knowing what customers you need

Knowing what type of customers you need to attract will ensure a better engagement with your product or service on social media. You need to ensure you create content that reaches the right people at the right time in the right place.

When you know what type of customers engage with your social media content, you get a clear indication of their needs. This way, you’ll be able to find out what they like and dislike. Yo will also be able to know what their motivations are and what problems they encounter when using your product or service. Getting this information together is critical as you can use this to target more clients. With corporate social media training, you will be able to constantly keep up with what your clients expect from you.


Using tactics and social media channels wisely

Before engaging with clients on social media, you need to determine where you’ll get the most reaction. If clients engage on social platforms such as Facebook, you should know that this will be your primary focus. Remember to use a secondary form of social media as well. The platform can include Twitter as with diversity, you’ll be able to attract more clients.

You need to create content appropriate for each individual target group you want to engage with. Remember that not all people react the same way to content on social media.

To help you, the business owner, your business as a whole and those responsible for keeping your business’s social media profiles active, you need to invest in a corporate social media training method to make the job easier.



Html – finding the best way to create your content

html training course

The definition of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language thus if you’re thinking you need to learn an additional language to be able to understand HTML, you are wrong. HTML can also be described as the language in which a web page is created.

What does HTML look like?

Since HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages, these elements are created by using tags.  These tags are used to label content which includes the headings within a given piece of content as well as the paragraphs. These tags are not physically displayed within the published content but adhere to their individual functions concerning the content.

How does HTML work?

By making use of codes that are known as tags, you are able to write a text file that holds information that can be viewed on an internet browser. These tags are then distributed and create a visible vision of the codes you have written. Keeping this in mind, the codes are not displayed as written but rather translated into an image or web page.

To better explain the significance of the tag, you need to understand the difference between written text and codes. Codes have tags in them and can be shown with angle brackets < >. Whatever codes and commands you choose to write within these brackets will define the outcome of the page you are writing.

Working with files, tags and attributes

Each web page you view on the internet is an HTML file. This file contains many lines of codes written in HTML, thus making the page visible with its different features and visual content. These files can link to one another to make editing the codes much easier.

Tags are used to format the content you want to create a visual with. That being said, the written commands within these tags are used to display content on the web page as you write them. When writing codes containing tags, the beginning of the tag will be written as <html> and the end of the tag will have a </html>. When adding an image to the tag, you need to use the <img> HTML way of writing. Should these files not contain the correct HTML content, it will not display correctly within the web page.

Attributes are used to give a tag a customisable design.  They are used in the beginning of a tag and an example of this is as follow:

<img src="image1.jpg">

If you wish to alter the way a section of content is displayed by default, you can make use of attributes in your tags to ensure the content adheres to what you want it to display like on a web page.

The science of coding

While the science of coding keeps reaching new heights each day, a training course is needed in order to learn the best ways of writing codes that simplify the way content is displayed. With the correct training, you’ll be able to learn the language websites use to display content. By learning this language, you will effectively be able to alter the way content is displayed and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Jquery – your number one JavaScript library

jquery training course

jQuery may seem like an extremely difficult website framework and with a jQuery training course, you’ll be able to learn website coding with ease. This system is a JavaScript framework, making it easy to use Javascript on your web pages.

JavaScript often requires complex coding that only an advanced IT professional would understand. The mission of this innovative system is to break down the coding to just a single line. Luckily, a lot of complicated features of JavaScript is simplified.  However, this includes AJAX calls as well as DOM manipulation.

What makes iQuery unique?

jQuery is a plugin used with JavaScript that it works for almost any type of coding needed for a website task.  Combined, these two systems give you that edge you need without having to undergo extensive training.

What makes jQuery a fantastic code writer is the fact that you can use it even when using Windows Notepad.  As with this system, HTML, CSS and JavaScript can also be used with the simplest forms of writing applications. That being said, the difference is this innovative coding makes it easy to write the code you need in order to get good results.

Why would you need jQuery?

This system, with the help of only a little training, can assist you with writing code that is easy to use and understand while a developer will use this system to achieve optimum productivity. If you’re not a developer, you can easily learn simple codes by making use of the jQuery functions.

How will this code writer help me?

When building a website, jQuery will help you improve the overall performance of your website. Other advantages of this system include:

  • The ability to create browser compatible web pages.
  • A fresh approach to writing functional UI codes without having to write many lines of code.
  • The knowledge to simplify syntaxes that otherwise will be very complex to use.
  • Complex codes are turned into easy-to-write ones that distribute the same level of functionality.

Giving a visual to the system

This code writing library consists of a single JavaScript file and can be downloaded and referenced to look like this:

<script src="jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script>

jQuery system selectors

The main reason you would want to use this type of system is to alter or modify any type of content displayed on your web page. However, to start altering a certain section of content, you need to find the element of the content in order to later it. Finding the content can be extremely difficult when using only JavaScript but with jQuery added, it’s easier.

This system can find elements by decrypting certain content ID’s attributes and classes. In addition to that, it seems nearly impossible for the average person to selectively identify such elements thus the need for a powerful selector system.

With that in mind, a simple example would be to use the system to retrieve the content selection for you. With that, you can start altering the code. To retrieve the query, you simply need to type the shortcode for jQuery which is $, followed by your query.

It would look like this:

$(<query here>)

The system with return your query with the content selection you asked for, without you having to search your entire site to find it. With the code at hand, you are now able to start changing and altering the code.

That being said, here is where you will need a jQuery training course to assist you with the best way to write codes in addition to your basic JavaScript knowledge.

WordPress training course – giving it your best

wordpress training course

WordPress is one of the world’s number one platforms where you can build a website in a matter of seconds. With a WordPress training course, you are able to understand and execute all WordPress features. You’ll also be able to manage the complex ad-ons to build a one-of-a-kind web page.

When WordPress launched in 2003, the essence of self-hosting spread like wildfire through every tech-enabled finger over the globe. Having WordPress and its tools at your side, your blogging and web page building strategy will change forever.

Being an open source tool, you need not pay a penny to make use of the technology that went into distributing WordPress. This amazing tool helps you build any type of website with self-hosting domain services. You are even able to have your own domain name while still making use of the wonders WordPress has to offer. WordPress is a consistent and trusted publishing system that is built on MySQL and PHP. While millions of users make use of WordPress, its technicians strive to improve each web page building experience for users.

Features enabled with a WordPress training course

Finding the best features to accompany your website is beneficial if you wish to have a successful web page. That being said, WordPress offer a multitude of features that gives you a complete content creating package:

  • Search engine optimised – If you truly wish your website to rank on search engines, you need to make use of SEO plugins and features to help you achieve this. WordPress gives you plugins and features that, with a little training, enable you to SEO your content easily.
  • Managing users – If you hire authors and content writers to create and post content on your website, they will need access to your admin page. With WordPress, you can, as the administrator, manage users with ease.
  • Graphic media – When creating content for your website, you need to be able to upload media quickly. Uploading files to WordPress is designed to help users experience the fun of imagery.  A number of editing and altering tools are added to the media package to personalise your website needs.

Advanced WordPress features

  • Theme systems – With the variety of themes to choose from and customise as you wish, your website will have it’s own spunk every time. If you’re a theme developer and want to give your themes away, you are able to do that with WordPress.
  • Application framework – To enable your applications to work effectively, WordPress has added a number of features to build your application. These features include HTTP requests, URL routeing, translations as well as databases.
  • Importing existing content – There is no need to redo an existing website with content added. If you do a WordPress training course, you’ll be able to import your website from another domain such as LiveJournal, and Tumblr.

If you apply for a WordPress training course, you’ll have the benefit of getting the best from your website. You will also be able to learn the building blocks of a WordPress site as well as creating and managing your own website and WordPress themes.

Project Management


The design of a webpage often requires extensive project management. A project management course is an ideal way to learn how to manage projects.

Joomla Training – How to use Joomla effectively

Computers Joomla training

To use Joomla effectively, you can make use of Joomla training courses and classes to get the best out of this transitional software. If you’re a beginner at the daunting world of website design, you’ll find that Joomla training gives you that edge you need to boost your web pages to the next level.

Joomla and Joomla training origin

Joomla, a software that assists and manages your website data, is based on MySQL and PHP. This revolutionary software was created in 2005 and currently has over 200 000 users, proving its helpfulness.

To use Joomla, all you need to do is download the free software and customise it to suit your needs. You can also use its free interface to manage add-ons, templates and extensions.

Joomla, being one of three mail CMS’s, which include Drupal and WordPress, is highly popular when it comes to website designing. Therefore you have a choice of which software better suits your needs.

Using Joomla to create content

Ever wonder how it’s possible to create tabs on a website? Have you ever thought how it’s possible to create website tabs that are divided into sub-sections? It’s like like keeping files in a cabinet and every file has different sub-folders. Keeping your content tidy and in order is now much easier than before.

A good example would be to create an “about my company” tab with a pull-down menu containing sub-sections such as “company locations” and “get to know the staff.”

In short, the “about my company” will be your main section and the “company locations” will be your category. That way, you’ll know which part should be inserted at what point if you add content to these sections and categories. With the help of Joomla training, you’ll be able to create awesome content for both your sections and categories.

Creating your website sections

When making use of Joomla, it is relatively easy to create different sections for your website. All you need to do it go to the content button and scroll to sections. Then you click on “new” and start adding content where you see fit. With a Joomla training class, you’ll have the ability to create professional content with the help of a few ad-ons.

Creating your website categories

Working the same as your sections, creating categories is easy and will help with the efficient functioning of your website. You need to remember that when doing this, you need a section first before you can choose a category. Selecting a category to accompany your section will need to fit into the message you’re trying to convey with that specific section.

Using Joomla training to manage plugins

Plugins are software that makes your website stand out from the rest. By installing a specific plugin, you can change the way your content reacts and looks. Sharing your content is easy when readers have social media buttons to click on – those added by your website plugins. If you write an article on your website, you can choose to add that plugin. This plugin will create social media icons that can be clicked on in order to share the article – the easy way.

Other plugins include SEO packs, translation plugins as well as appearance plugins. Whatever you choose to do, plugins with Joomla can make your website spectacular.

Therefore, Joomla training is a course you need to add to your website checklist if you want to become an expert at running a successful business.

Joomla training course – Stay on top of the web

Joomla training course softwre

Taking a Joomla training course is one of the best decisions you will make when comes to web developing. In addition to that, Joomla is an innovative way to build your website – the easy way.

What is Joomla and how is it used?

Being one of the best content management systems (CMS), you are able to use this software to build almost any type of website with ease.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a business, individual or developer, with the help of a Joomla training course, you’ll be able to build websites similar to eBay and any other type of website you desire.

With the aid of Joomla training, you’ll be able to make use of the over  10 000 add-ons to build a successful website with content to compete with. Thus, all it takes is a quick sign-up to give your business the boost it needs to succeed.

What is CMS?

CMS or content management system is a type of software that thinks for you. This software manages, keeps track of and stores every aspect of your web content. This includes media, videos, photos as well as music. Furthermore, by making use of this CMS software, you are effectively eliminating the process of you having to keep track of all the content on your site. Why would you want to make use of CMS? Because it takes almost no technical knowledge on your side, giving you the ability to concentrate on what matters most – creating content for your website that will impress.

What can Joomla do for my website?

If you’re a business or individual, no matter what type of website you need, Joomla is there to make life easier for you. With the help of  a Joomla training course, you’ll be able to do any of the following types of websites:

  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organisational  websites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church websites
  • Personal or family homepages

Therefore, if you are a professional website builder, you need that extra boost to help you build a web page like none other. Here, you are able to make use of the core Joomla framework to assist you to use complex add-ons to make the web page even more spectacular. Here are some of the tools and applications you can use if you’re a developer:

  • Inventory control systems
  • Data report tools
  • Application bridges
  • Complex business directories
  • Communication tools
  • Reservation systems
  • E-commerce systems

How do I apply for a Joomla training course?

Finding a training course that works for you is easy as there are a wide variety of courses available which includes a Joomla Beginners Class, how to develop Joomla modules, Joomla SEO class, how to develop a restaurant site as well as how to keep Joomla sites safe. There are just some of the classes available and if you want to learn about a specific aspect of Joomla, you can easily apply to the course of your choice while enjoying peace of mind that the website you’re creating is a great quality.

After all, with Joomla on your side, you’ll make the website you’re designing on the map!